Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beware Australia, thou shall be the loser

Australia has been a country where racism has been always simmering within for many years now. Asians and Indians have been at the receiving end but what has happened recently to the Indian students is deplorable. The month of May 09 has seen several incidents of brutal assaults on Indians. If a foreign tourist is raped or robbed in India, the Indian media highlights the issue to such an extent that proper attention is given to rectify the deeds. However, one finds the Australian police, media and even the Government is underplaying the dastardly events that have happened to the Indian students. It is abundantly clear that these are racial attacks by a bunch of hooligans and thugs and the Indians are singled out. It is shameful that incidents of violence happens in public places like trains or railway stations and the public are mere passive onlookers. The gang is rejoicing and celebrating this as " Indian hunting month". Under these circumstances, it is shocking that the Australian authorities are treating these as "one of those incidents" and putting the blame on Indians being "soft targets".
The Australian government is more interested in preserving their "tourism image" and the fund flow to their educational institutions. There are approximately 100,000 Indian students in Australia to further their studies and they cough up Rs. 20,000 crores( Rs.200 billion) as their tuition fees and living expense. It is high time the Australian government takes sterner measures against the perpetrators of violence and ensure such incidents do not recur. Else, there won't be any takers for the courses that their Universities offer. They shall be the loser. A strong campaign is now going on in India not to go to Australia for higher studies thanks to the racism being perpetrated by some gangs there.
The Indian goverment is bringing a lot of pressure on their Australian counterpart. The sooner they bring about a permenant solution, the better it is for Australia. People talk about human rights violations. The western world act like big brothers to point out flaws in human rights violations in India, China and the developing world. But not a whisper is raised when such things are happening in developed countries like Australia. Different rules for different people. If this is not a sham, what is it?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

LTTE Supremo Prabhakaran dead

It's official now. The Sri Lankan Government has confirmed that the LTTE Supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran has been shot dead. With his death the final frontier has come down and the LTTE has been flushed out. The Sri Lankan army was bent upon wiping off the LTTE from the face of their country.In the process lots of innocent Tamil civilians lost their lives due to indiscriminate bombings. Lots more have been rescued but what is more important now is to see their rehabilitation.

LTTE was a terrorist organization. Even though they started as a product of the Tamil problem in Sri Lanka, they lost their way down the line in their demand for Tamil Ealam. The leaders of the LTTE promised their cadres the moon and in the process the pressure mounted on them.It became apparent that there could not be a negotiated settlement.

The war is over but for peace to return, the SL government will have to find a political settlement for the Tamils.Without this, the government will give governance a go by.The sooner this aspect is sorted out the better it will be for all parties concerned.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Indian voters give thumbs up to Congress

The biggest democracy in the world-India- went to the polls and gave a clear verdict for a stable government. 350 million people cast their votes and much against the predictions of the psephologists, the voters gave thumbs up to the United Progressive Alliance( UPA). The voting was conducted over five phases through electronic voting machines and the results were out in a flash on the 16th May.

In the last UPA government, the left parties( communists) were the stumbling block for any reforms. The voters this time around probably realized this and gave the present UPA( with congress being the main party & without the left parties) a clear mandate.The congress can celebrate the verdict but along with the victory comes a lot of responsibilities. The Indian public would now expect the government to go ahead with its reforms and take the country forward.

The immediate areas to be looked into would be Infrastructure development,handling of the huge fiscal deficit, Rural development, poverty alleviation through job creation and skill development. The government will have it's hands full but also has a great opportunity to prove it's worth.