Thursday, May 5, 2011

President Obama's gutsy decision

More often than not people on the sidelines or arm chair politicians loosely comment about people in leadership positions. That is a curse the leader has to live with. However, great leaders go ahead with their convictions in what they think is the overall good. In this context, Obama's decision stands out as exceptionally brave. Ordering a secret attack in Bin laden's hide-out in Pakistan was fraught with danger. Should the mission have failed or mis-fired, Obama would have been in the receiving end of world ridicule. The responsibility that weighed on his shoulders and the enormity of the dilemma was mind-boggling. Most world leaders in his position would not have had the guts or the gumption to take the decision he did. This is where the best gets separated from the others. That the operation went thro' successfully was a fitting outcome for his bold decision. Rewards are commensurate with the risks and it is no wonder that Obama's popularity ratings went thro' the roof after this event. Kudos to him.

That this mission was aimed at eliminating the most wanted terrorist in the world helped in galvanizing the world opinion in lavishing praise on Obama. However, one hopes that such events are not taken as a precedent in clandestinely encroaching on a sovereign country for other flimsy reasons.

That Pakistan has been helping and shielding Osama has become blatantly clear. The very fact that Osama has been living just a stones throw from the military Academy clearly shows the nexus. It needs a strong leader and a stronger government to reverse this trend in Pakistan.