Thursday, March 25, 2010

Introspection time for Chennai Super Kings(CSK)

Five down and nine matches to go for CSK in the league stage in the IPL 3. With just two wins so far, they are not exactly in the comfort zone. Experienced heads in the team will come together to analyze and evolve a strategy for the games ahead. But let us be proactive and look at the positives and negatives that have emanated so far and see where exactly CSK have gone wrong and the corrective actions needed.

The positive take from the five matches so far has been the brilliant bowling of Murali followed by Morkel and to a lesser degree by Balaji. In batting Dhoni (till he was injured) is in form, Hayden is shaping well and there has been bits and pieces knock by Raina, Badrinath.

The negatives so far have been a handful. Bowling at the “death overs” has been a major cause of concern. Against the Deccan Chargers and the Royal Challengers (RCB), CSK gave away close to thirteen runs per over in the last five overs. The other area of worry is the way batsmen get into panic mode. This was visible in the last two games. Against Kings X1, Punjab, needing just 5.4 runs per over in the last eight overs with nine wickets in hand, CSK blew it away. CSK fans would have really missed Dhoni’s cool temperament in these times. Surprisingly, fielding has let the team down in some of the matches especially against RCB.

The road ahead requires clear planning and execution. The return of Dhoni shortly would be a great morale booster. That would really strengthen the batting and exert a calming influence on the players. Depending on the team composition, Morkel /Murali /Kemp should be used in the last five overs to avoid big leakage of runs and Balaji /Ashwin /Tyagi to finish their quota before.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

India goes big ticket for womankind

India made history of sorts on 9th March, 2010 when the Upper house passed the Women's reservation bill reserving 33% seats for Women in Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies. This would be the 108th change in the constitution. They might have symbolically missed it by a day to commemorate the 100th anniversary of International women's year but in a country where decisions are male dominated and male centric, this move comes as a giant leap for womanhood. The Upper House witnessed unruly scenes of opposition from the Samajwadi Party, RJD etc and the abstinence of the Trinamool congress. Seven members were suspended and physically removed from the floor of the House. But the Congress and the BJP, Left parties and other UPA allies should be commended.

There is still a long way to go as the Lower House will have to clear the Bill. Here it might be more difficult and would witness more protests but finally it would make it through.Before the Bill is passed into law, the pros and cons like which are the seats reserved for women, what is the quota for minorities etc.. will have to be discussed. These issues are more likely to bring out problem areas. But, a good beginning is made and it will be a red letter day for India.

The real gender equality comes when it is truly implemented by the letter and spirit. It will take some time before the hurt male ego is redressed and the real transfer of power goes to women instead of back seat driving. The ball is set rolling and now people will have to work towards achieving the intended end.