Saturday, June 27, 2009

"The King of Pop" is dead

Michael Jackson-"The King of Pop"- is no more. Newspaper reports suggests that he died of cardiac arrest on Thursday the 25th at L.A. Whether persistent use of painkillers and drugs had any effect on his death is a matter of speculation and it will be sometime before the facts come out.

His was a story of rags to riches and possibly culminating in financial troubles towards the end. As a child,by his own admission, he was at the receiving end of "child abuse" by his father. Strangely enough, in his later years he was to be embroiled in "child sexual abuse" case from which he was acquitted.

He started his performance when in the early teens with his siblings in "Jackson 5". Later he broke away and opted for solo performances as people spotted his enormous talent. Albums came in plenty with "Thriller"(best selling album of all time), "Billie Jean", "Beat It" etc..An entertainer par excellence, his "moonwalk" on stage would send millions of fans into delirium and frenzy. But fame and money came at a price. Stardom could never give him happiness. He was in his own world with a strange and unexplainable fear. Health and stress was taking a toll and he took to drugs and painkillers.

His image took a beating on alleged "child sexual abuse" and towards the end had to sell his house to partially overcome financial problems. He was planning for one last tour of London during early July09 where he was to have given fifty concerts. But death knocked early to spoil the party.

Michael set a trend like no one else . An icon by any standards, he redefined music to the world like never before.