Monday, February 24, 2014

Parliament or a fish market !!!

The 15th Lok sabha session has come and gone and what a shame it was for democracy. This session would be more remembered for all the wrong reasons. Pepper spray, Black-out in TV relay when the Telengana bill was passed in the Lower House, Shouting in the well of the house and snatching of mikes and shredding of documents... One wonders whether they are the same people elected by the citizens of this country. They behaved like hooligans, goondas , thugs and criminals (which some people might well be).

The productivity was 61% and was the lowest in the last 50 years . Only 177 bills out of the 326 put forward were passed and it was a brazen show of wastage of tax payers' and public money. But do they really care? They have made the public look like fools which in a way we are.

 Has this set a bad precedent for the future? It well might be. This might well be the standard operating procedure of the Parliament in the years to come. The Opposition will not allow the smooth passage of Bills nor the efficient conduct of the House. However, what was very disturbing in the 15th Lok sabha session was the coalition members of the UPA and the Congress party MP's themselves were creating ruckus inside the House. The ruling party had absolutely no control over their members and it was a sorry state of affairs. Amidst all this din and furore , our PM was virtually sleeping through with eyes open. This has become a Brand Manmohan style of inefficiency to the hilt.

We as voters have also a role to play in this fiasco. All said and done it is we who elect these rowdies to the House and then see these kind of "tamaashaas" happening in the House. The next election is due in April/May 2014. Will we be wise enough to elect quality people as our representatives who will maintain the decency and decorum of the House. We reap what we sow. So let's be careful in the choice of our candidates instead of allowing them to make our Country a laughing stock in the eyes of the World.

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Divya Shankar said...

But the big question is do we have QUALITY people, not to forget how Vishal Dadlani raked up a huge controversy with his tweet after RG's interview on TV -
Stuck between a moron and a murderer....what now, India!?

We are struck with a poor set to choose from and therefore as you said productivity in the house is bound to only fall in coming years. Total farce awaits the largest democracy in the world.