Sunday, March 16, 2014

T20 World cup- Can India lift the Trophy?

It is that time again when fireworks will be back in the cricket field. We are not talking about the fireworks in the form of pyrotechnics but the contest between bat and ball with the rattling of the wickets, the booming sixes and the brilliant catches. Yes ! The cricket World cup T20 is ready to take off for the 5th time and this time in Bangladesh. The hype, the hoopla and the Razzmataaz surrounding this format of the cricket will be in full bloom the next three weeks starting today the 16th of March 2014.

Cricket has gone through a transformation like most any sports or games event. The test cricket still is considered the traditional form of the game and decides the skill, temperament and quality of a cricketer. However, the fast paced life and the time constraints brought in a change to the 50 overs ODI format. But people who wanted to eat into the cinema, drama or Musical space in terms of time and entertainment thought of this brilliant idea of cricket in a capsuled form and thus was born the T20 format of the game. The IPL really took centre stage in this form of cricket and probably still is. With a generous sprinkling of the cheerleaders, the musucal bands etc..., we have a show which can give a run for the money for any form of entertainment. Three hours of boom-boom cricket accompanied by the sound, dance and noise makes a perfect evening for most people seeing either from the comfort of their homes or sharing the razzle dazzle in the stadium.

This World cup will have 16 teams vying for the cup. There are 10 full members of the ICC and six Associate member countries. The top eight teams as per ICC ranking go straight to the super 10 stage. The remaining eight teams are put in two groups and one in each group will join the super 10 stage.

India in the super 10 stage is in a tough group along with Pakistan,Australia and West Indies. Dhoni is back in the helm of affairs and his finishing qualities will be a great asset for the team. With Yuvraj, Kohli and Raina India has real batting fire power. It is the bowling which has to tighten their belt and bowl to a plan. Spin can prove effective in Bangladesh but strategy plays a very important part in the game. One bad over and the game could be won or lost.

My Semi-final picks: India, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka.
I hope India wins the tourney but won't be surprised if the finals is between the Proteas Vs the Ozzies.

Keep fingers crossed.

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Divya Shankar said...

With a toddler to manage at home, I am not able to sit down even for a T-20 match. Cricket, my top fav sport has now and for long vanished from my TV screen. Could not watch much of India vs Pak clash yday, but was sure that team blue will win given the World cup jinx that Pak suffers at the hands of India :) and knew I was right with some crackers going BANG BANG !!!